On 6/10/2015 10:28 AM, John Hupp wrote:
> It seems like I still have some things to try, however.  Rugxulo 
> suggested two utilities that may or do use other methods: setmxx and 
> svgatextmode.

An important discovery -- the Oak ISA card that was the source of so 
much of this discussion appears to be slowly dying.  On several 
occasions I have had a funny display during POST or it wouldn't POST at all.

So I dug around and found an even older ISA card (a lowly 512KB Trident 
TVGA 9000A), and I'm not seeing any issues like I have had with the Oak.

It remains the case that the display is smoother and sharper on a CRT 
than an LCD, but that would also be true in Windows anytime you depart 
from the LCD native resolution -- even if you match the aspect ratio of 
the native resolution.

I am nonetheless happy to have a few things to work with to better match 
an LCD's aspect ratio: Eric's trick, for instance, on cards that support 
it.  And I can also report that Japheth's setmxx seems to work as 
advertised.  Even on a VGA card with no VESA support, this will let you 
get 34 or 60 lines, which is something I could not get from MODE on most 
cards even with VESA support.

I did not test svgatextmode.  If it works it would seem to have more 
capabilities than setmxx, but after I started reading the included 
documentation (much of which is for Linux), I was not clear about how to 
install or use it, and under the circumstances I was losing for heart 
for lengthening the long slog that this has been.  Maybe another time 
after I take care of some things that have been piling up.

Thanks to all who helped!

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