The Ensoniq Soundscape OPUS (OPUS ES-5530 chip) is a 16-bit ISA card 
that was manufactured for Gateway by Ensoniq. It provides SoundBlaster 

Under FreeDOS 1.1 on a vintage rig with an AMD K6/233 and 64MB, I have 
it set up successfully to play DOOM, with SB selected for music and 
sound effects. I am also successfully playing CD's with SJGPLAY.

SET BLASTER is A220 I5 D1 T1.

I was trying to play MP3's with MPXPLAY, but so far that has failed.  It 
does not recognize the card or the SB emulation.

In MPXPLAY.INI, I tried changing SoundcardName=AUTO to ENS, SBA, S16, 
ESS and SBP, but none of those worked.

Does anyone know how to get MPXPLAY working with this card?  Or know of 
another DOS MP3 player that will work with it?

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