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> So I tried Dillo, which is graphical.  Though it thrashes the hard drive
> a fair amount, it did work in a quick checkout.  This was v3.02b from
> http://nanox-microwindows-nxlib-fltk-for-dos.googlecode.com/files/DILLODOS-302b.zip,
> written by Georg Potthast.
> Perhaps someone here will have more to say on the topic of web browsers.

I've looked at a number of browsers.  In practice, I don't even *try*
to browse from DOS.  No need: I have fast broadband  and Windows and
Linux machines to browse from.

Other issues aside, a problem is that just about *everything* you
might browse these days uses JavaScript, and doesn't work very well if
it's disabled/not present.

I have Dillo here under Windows and Linux.  (The Windows version is a
fork made after the Dillo devs declined to support Windows any
longer.)  The good part is that it's small and fast.  The bad part is
that it doesn't support JavaScript.  (That's on the long-term road
map, but there's a bunch of DOM stuff they need to do before they
*can* support JavaScript.)

Under Linux, I use Dillo as a fast viewer for locally stored HTML, and
do roughly similar things under Windows.  For browsing on the
Internet, I use Firefox, Chrome, or Qupzilla (a small cross-platform
Webkit based browser), with Dolphin joining the party on Android

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