On 17/05/2016 14:23, Tom Ehlert wrote:
> an operating system without CDROM and network drivers doesn't sound
> very useful to me, even if everything has the correct license. YMMV.

I think that the key is to perceive FreeDOS as a replacement to MSDOS, 
nothing else (that is, "BASE"). The legalese on these things can be a 
bit confusing, so I believe that the extreme caution that FreeDOS 
applies in this area is legitimate.

But then, for actually useful (practical) stuff, one has to rely on a 
FreeDOS distribution, like Svarog386, or collect the required "non-free" 
bits by hand over the internet.

Otherwise I agree it can get a bit frustrating for actual users, and 
that's the reason I started Svarog386 in the first place.


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