Hi Bret,

the problem of using but not reserving memory for the kernel in FreeDOS
sounds vaguely similar to the problem of HMA usage in DOS in general:

DOS installs trampoline handlers outside HMA which make sure that the
HMA is actually enabled before DOS calls code there. Maybe a similar
approach could be used for the unallocated FreeDOS memory?

It could check if the not-reserved temp data is still valid and if not,
avoid attempts to use it. Of course it would be better if FreeDOS could
behave and use MCB for that temp data in the first place, but I do not
know the ins and outs of why it does not or maybe can not do that now.

Also, this could be relevant for the way in which FreeCOM misbehaves by
using without allocating memory, if I understand the other mails well.

It should probably check if the data left in RAM is still valid and if
not, reload the (message string) data from disk or from XMS swap RAM?

Regards, Eric

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