> Am 01.07.2016 um 14:59 schrieb Abe Mishler <a...@mishlerlabs.com>:
> That works like a charm! Do those regions work for you?

Yes. I tested it on a FreeDOS 1.1 guest on my Mac. 

And, as I don’t have Windows machine anymore, I started a Windows 10 VirtualBox 
guest, and inside of it I used VirtualBox for Windows and tested it there with 
a FreeDOS 1.1 guest. Normally JEMMEX crashes there, but not this time.

> Could you provide an explanation regarding those regions?

Actually they discussed it in the VirtualBox forum:


Seems some people at Oracle are still interested in DOS.

> I will now revisit my decision to use QEMU on linux... except linux can 
> mount raw images for native file sharing without having to FTP into 
> FreeDOS (which I got working).

Yes, this is nice. On OS X you can just double-click the image to mount it.

Just a quick review about qemu and networking: 

Networking with qemu is difficult. Per default it uses NAT, but only for TCP. 
So I can’t ping the outside world. WGET works. I managed to transfer files with 
FileZilla to mTCP ftpsrv. (Which is a miracle as all other clients won’t even 
do a directory listing.)

For bridged networking I’d have to install a TUN/TAP software on the host. 

I start qemu with:

qemu-system-i386 -hda freedos.img -boot c -m 32 -netdev 
user,id=usernet,net=,dhcpstart= -device 
pcnet,netdev=usernet -redir tcp:2121::21

With „-device pcnet“ qemu supports the AMD PCFastIII (pcnet) network card, so 
the packet driver in FreeDOS 1.1 (PCNTPK) can be used. 

> Thanks a lot for re-opening my can of worms!!! :-p

Brr. :-)

Good luck!!

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