Hello all,

As you you may already know, we have been working on the FreeDOS 1.2 release. 
One thing I would like to see make it into the release is some networking. I 
don’t think it would be 
practical to have a universal setup for each and every machine and NIC at this 
time. But, it
may be possible to have the installer automatically do this for some of the 
known virtual machines.
For example, it may be feasible to setup and configure VMware, VirtualBOX and 
QEMU to do
networking. But, I don’t have the time to figure it all out. This is where all 
of you come in. 

If you can provide the detailed information for these platforms and Jim 
approves, I may then be 
possible to include it. 

Here are the main and mostly obvious requirements.

        All files and drivers must have an acceptable license and can be 
redistributed. Public Domain, 
        GPL, BSD or another open source or unrestricted license. No encumbered 
commercial drivers 
        (such as NOVELL Netware, 3COM, NetGear, ….. ).

        DHCP setup only.

        Links to (or provide) any drivers and files that are required.
        (It would be nice if they were in a FDNPKG compatible package)

        Completely setup configuration files for the platform. (all INI, CFG 
files, etc)

        List of any current 1.2 repo packages that may be needed (excluding 
BASE packages).

        Preferably, any files that are not in a package (like the config files) 
are placed under 
        \NET\VMWARE, \NET\VBOX, \NET\QEMU or other appropriate directory for 
the platform.

        Also, please do not provide a customized config.sys or autoexec.bat. It 
should be possible to
        place all environment settings and load drivers from a 

Thank you, Jerome

(Without your support, there is no way any type of pre-configured networking 
will make it into the next release.)

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