Hi! Laaca found a website with DOS antivirus software which even
got updated this year :-) Laaca wrote about it in the BTTR forum.

http://rose.rult.at/software.htm Files: www.cfg2html.com/rose_swe/

07.04.2016     617.857  MD5SUM: 5912982e6805737f00d6f6a6d83ea313

MemScan_921.zip collection of free DOS antivirus programs to check
your main DOS memory. Includes MemScan, QMS, TestBoot etc.

07.04.2016   1.564.806  MD5SUM: 11d519bd7475a936f1ffb6f6665bf6a6

VirScanPlus_16-36.zip (DOS32 Virus Scanner). Virus scanner for
DOS-, Boot-, VBS-, IRC-Viruses, Trojans and other malware

25.04.2016   1.314.740  MD5SUM: 95f1f91894bd281bbb27ecdbe94d48c9

rhbvs_v4-93-2389.zip RHBVS = ROSE SWE's Heuristic Based Virus Scanner
Freeware! With additional tools and dox! [330 heuristics find 33000?]

Yes, the author (Ralph?) wrote "dox"... ;-)

Other ROSE files: AntiLink (tries to splice virus from exe?), CrCheck
(CRC32 integrity checker), FMIRC, a Boot/DOS/IRC/VBS/BAT scanner with
Win and Linux ports, various freeware tools, a German description DB
of 3000 or 12000 virus types, depending on which of the two domains
you read. And RFW, the DOS/Linux/Windows Rose duplicate file weeder.
They also have some old binary (un-)packers and (de-)obfuscators.

Cheers, Eric

PS: Laaca also mentioned on BTTR that "ctmouse interferes with USB"
and that people should disable legacy USB support. Obviously if you
have only USB mice, that also disables ctmouse ;-) But yes, BIOS USB
to PS/2 keyboard controller legacy support can be slow and/or buggy.


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