Hi all,

Just re-introducing my self.

I have been part of this mailing list before, using FreeDOS on bare metal.

Now I'm testing 1.2 Pre-something on VirtualBox.

1.2 looks pretty promising so far, yet I have a lot of questions.

1. No TCP suit works so far;
2. DFNPKG doesn't work ether so far;
3. I'm *not* a developper.

All I am is a enthusiast FreeDOS guinea pig in VirtualBox.

My goal is to test and make help FreeDOS 1.2 as good as the the complete 
FreeDOS 1.0 CD-distribution. FreeDOS 1.1. sucked big time IMO, due to 
the lack of additional package sets.

With kind regards,

Marti van Lin
Maastricht, Netherlands

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