On Mon, Jan 2, 2017 at 1:18 AM, Wolfgang ANdreas Heisele
<aheis...@web.de> wrote:
> I have made a small video to show my issue with freedos 1.2 and syslinux. 
> After installing it
> freedos does not boot because it is looking for kernel.sys in c:\fdos\bin\ 
> were there is no such
> file. Also it seems to be only looking for files in c:\ and kernl386.sys 
> renamed and copied to c:\
> is not fully working. Please, watch the video and tell me what or where 
> kernel.sys should be.
> Otherwise booting into kolibri os works like a charme with this method!

I'm not sure what's happening here exactly, but "sys /k" can change
the bootable kernel's name (although most people keep it to
KERNEL.SYS). To see the raw hex dump of the current boot sector and
view existing kernel name (et al.), you can use a tool like WDE:


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