Hello again,

I do agree that it makes little sense to automatically load SHARE with boot 
config option 2. After all, no other boot option starts SHARE. Also, only a 
couple situations require its use. 

Mostly, those would be running a multitasking system like Windows or exporting 
network filesystems. 

Either of these options will most likely require some hand tuning of the system 
configuration. So, leaving it in there but commented out is probably the best 
solution. A user will see it with customizing their configuration and enable it 

I don't think that going down the CHOICE route is how this should be handled. 
Would you want to encounter the following when performing an installation?

Do you want to load DOSLFN? yes/no
If no, Do you want to load LFNDOS?
Do you want to load FreeDOS High, UMB?
How many files do you want to support opening at once?
Do you want to enable hard drive caching?
Do you want to enable floppy caching?
Do you want ..........
Do you want to load SHARE?
Do you want ...........


I think it is much easier and less annoying to just hand edit the configuration 


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