Eric, You and Tom are correct. But, so is Rugxulo.

Is it a problem?

As far as I know, only three programs every touch the LSM files. FDNPKG, FDINST 
FDIMPLES.  Other than install and remove, I don’t think FDNPKG & FDINST do 
with them. FDIMPLES uses them along with other files and data to create the 
groups, installed state, upgrade state, blah blah blah.  But, it does not care 
which type of
line endings the file uses. 

As a side note on this issue, there are many dos2unix programs out there. But, 
last time I
checked (many years ago) very few unix2dos versions. But alas, this is not an 
issue either.
Just pipe a file through the V8Power Tools “vstr” program. It cares not what 
style file uses 
but outputs CRLF. It does not use any I/O buffering. So, it is not super fast. 
But, it can also 
strip out blank lines, pull indentation, do simple search and replace, change 
case, etc. But, 
a simple make into DOS line endings is as easy as “type oldfile.lsm | vstr 

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