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Hi Curtis,

Since you are using a multi-boot system, there is something you will probably want to NOT 
do during the installation of FreeDOS 1.2. You won't want to the boot sector overwritten. 
So, be sure to run the installer in Advanced Mode and tell it not to do it. It makes a 
backup of the current one you could restore. But, why go through the extra headaches. You 
can enter advanced mode two ways. Exit installer and relaunch as "setup adv" or 
at any time the installer is waiting for you to press a key, press CTRL+C and switch 
to/from advanced mode.

That was moot, as the FreeDOS loader never found the "Microsoft basic data" partition I created beyond the 8GB limit. I still don't know if the loader can even detect GPT partitions on a BIOS (not UEFI) computer.

As for your grub chainload question, I can't be of much help there. I haven't 
done any multi-boot  stuff in years. All my machines are either dedicated Macs 
or Linux Boxes. Some virtual machines. But, no multi-boot.

I do recall someone recently posted some detailed information on doing that in 
this or the devel group.

But, I did solve my problem.

I said I couldn't (directly) boot from a mass storage device because of lack of BIOS support. (The only reason the BIOS detects USB mass storage devices is to flash the motherboard's BIOS.) But, I could get grub to boot in an indirect fashion. My fragment of grub.cfg (for grub version 2.02~beta3) appears as this:

menuentry "FreeDOS                   (from memory card)" {
        insmod  chain
        set root=(hd2)
        chainloader --force +1

Change the number in the (hd2) to the number of fixed hard drives installed in your system. (I haven't taken the --force flag out yet)

The purpose of all this rigamarole was to upgrade the BIOS in my Adapted 29320 U320 PCI Express card. When I booted FreeDOS with no memory managers (as recommended in the documentation in the flash update utility), I ran the utility to back up the old BIOS and flash the newest one onto the card. That was performed flawlessly, which is a tribute to the hard work of the FreeDOS team.

For completeness, I could see about the network (NVIDIA nForce) and sound (AC97) support. But I not going to lose sleep if those don't work.

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