I haven't used FreeDOS since I had an old IBM ThinkPad laptop and I needed a DOS based solution to set up the hibernate space. It worked perfectly for that, although not all features were ever made to work. The laptop was retired years ago from hard use.

So, I have a need to run a DOS based utility to flash a SCSI card BIOS. I guess that eliminates the use of an emulator under Linux because of the security risks of that from a non-root user.

I can't boot from a USB-based mass storage device with this desktop's BIOS. No option is provided for it in the BIOS menu. My floppy drive died years ago and was retired, so that option is out as well.

My hard drives are 2TB and 3TB, respectively. The "legacy" CD-ROM complained about my "Drive is too large to handle" and said something about the first 8GB being usable. Is it possible for me to move around my Linux partitions, time-consuming but trivial, to open up space below 8GB and hope grub can find the GPT based partition that I set aside for the purpose?

And even then, exactly what is the grub syntax for the FreeDOS partition and the "chainloader" command? "+1" doesn't work, even with the "--force" switch. Is there a magical file that I can use with the "chainloader" command that I'm missing?

If I have that "chainloader" command, I can also use grub to boot FreeDOS from the USB mass storage device by clever use of the "drivemap" command.

(Another problem with this is Google yields 8 year old answers with "grub legacy" syntax.)

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