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> Hi.
> I can't seem to get FreeDOS to install or create a boot disk. I've
> downloaded the create a boot disk image from the website but when I try to
> burn a cd windows says it is not a valid ISO file. Linus doen't seem to want
> burn a disk from it either but will write to SD card but this gives a boot
> error.
> What am I going wrong?

It depends how you are trying to install FreeDOS:

If you are trying to burn the installer to a CDROM, then you should
use the CDROM "standard" installer. Depending on your system, you
might instead need to use the CDROM "legacy" installer. Most machines
should use the standard installer, but older machines may need the
legacy installer.

You mentioned also trying to write it to an SD card. I don't know that
anyone has tested an SD card, but I suppose it would work. To write to
rewritable bootable media, we actually recommend writing the image to
a USB fob drive. For a USB fob drive, it's better to use the USB
"Full" installer or the USB "Lite" installer.

You can find links to each from http://www.freedos.org/download/

The http://www.freedos.org/download/ web page also mentions this:

The FreeDOS 1.2 distribution is available in multiple formats:

We recommend the CDROM installer for most users. The "standard" CDROM
image should work on most computers and PC emulators. Older computers
may need the "legacy" CDROM image instead.

If your computer cannot boot from CDROM, use the boot floppy. Write
this image to a floppy with Rawrite or dd, boot it, then insert the
install CDROM when the install program starts up.

If your computer doesn't have a CDROM drive, use the USB fob drive
installer. Write this to a USB fob drive and boot it to start the
install. The "Full" and "Lite" versions install the same FreeDOS, but
the "Lite" installer does not contain some extra bonus software


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