On 7/12/2017 8:59 AM, David wrote:
> Hi Ralf
> I've tried 2 ways;
> 1) I downloaded the 'CDROM standard installer' and created a cd frok
> that. I tried to install on machine that it didn't matter if it over
> wrote the existing OS or bootloader but it produced errors in the
> install process and locked up.
I asked to be precise in both the filename and the CD burning process
for a reason. A lot of times, the devil is in very tiny details...
To tell us more about the errors you get might help to narrow down the
actual issue you're having. And what exactly is the computer you are
trying to install on? What is/was the OS running on that machine before
you tried to install FreeDOS?
> 2) to use it on main computer I downloaded the 'Boot floppy'  version
> to create a bootable CD. Neither Windows or Linus will write this
> image to a CD. Windows (7) says it is not a valid ISO and Linux just
> doesn't other the CD as a valid location to write to..
Not surprising, it is named Boot *FLOPPY* for a reason, to clearly
indicate that this is NOT an ISO image to be burned...


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