Hello all,

I just released an update to V8Power Tools. 
It has some general improvements to a couple tools. 

Also, it includes a brand new utility called veach. 

veach can be used for processing lists of items or commands. 

Here are a couple example usages:

You have a directory full of bitmaps you want to resize using some program 
called RESIZE.EXE…

        veach /d *.bmp /x resize * /scale 50% 

You want to take a file that lists a bunch of stuff and sort then display those 
items with a count using VECHO.COM.

        veach /f items.txt /s /x vecho “Item @ of # is *”

You want to the output of grep and display the STAT.EXE results for those items.

        grep -iv “^IGNORE THIS” | veach /I /x stat *

You want to execute every BAT, EXE and COM program in a directory and ignore 
any errors they may have. :-)

        veach /d *.exe /d *.com /d *.bat /s /c /x

You just want a sorted list of all the BAT, COM and EXE files in a directory

        veach /d *.exe /d *.com /d *.bat /S /L

Basically, think of it this way. Everything after the /X switch is like you 
typed it into the command line. * is expanded to the list item, @ is expanded 
to the index and # is expanded to the count. if you provide nothing after /X, * 
is used (find and run this thing). Shell internals like type, dir, copy … are 
not supported at present and you would need to would need to place them in a 
batch file. Something like:

del %1

veach /d *.* /x XDEL.BAT *

Now available through FNDPKG or download at



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