>> Hi Jerome,
>> I've just tried your veach.com utility and it looks like it shall really
>> come in handy! I was missing a program capable of appending a command to a
>> sorted list (like a  |   in Unix ) .
>> Nice job, and thanks for your effort

> Thank you.

> Just like you, I would find myself either doing some things the long way 
> because
> there was just no easy way to do X on a list of things. Wether that list was 
> some
> generic things I wanted to run through a program or something more complex.

> Besides, what other utility will let suicidally run every program in a 
> directory with a
> simple “veach /d *.* /c /x”  command? :-)

> I could have really used veach in FDI. But, I didn’t require it. With all the 
> string juggling and parsing it would need to do, I procrastinated making it. 
> But alas,
> I finally got to it.

    veach /d *.bmp  /x resize * /scale 50%

is more or less the same as

 FOR %i in (*.bmp) do resize %i /scale 50%

(use %%i when used in batch files)

from a batch file, FOR has also lower memory requirements although
this is most likely irrelevant for FDI

unfortunately this turns up a bug in FOR:

    for %i in (*.*) do echo %i

works as expected, also echoing the command itself.



        for %i in (*.*) do @echo %i

Bad command or filename - "@ECHO".

bug report filed


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