On Sun, 05 Nov 2017 16:48:00 +0100, userbeitrag wrote:
> What I'm saying is that you might consider allowing additional software,
> either in the main distribution, or - which would be even better: to
> allow the addition of easy to set-up additional repositories

This has been possible for years already. FDNPKG, the current FreeDOS 
packages manager supports multiple repositories. When I developed it, I 
had in mind that people might start their own (free, non-free, shareware, 
whatever) repositories to complement the official (FOSS only) FreeDOS 
repos. So far, I am not aware of anyone having done that. Are you willing 
to start your own repository? It won't be included in FreeDOS, but FreeDOS 
people will be able to use it by adding a single configuration line to 
their setups.

Alternatively, you might also consider submitting (non-free) packages to 

FreeDOS is present on the USENET, too! alt.os.free-dos

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