On 2017-11-05 19:32, Mateusz Viste wrote:
On Sun, 05 Nov 2017 17:58:54 +0100, userbeitrag wrote:
The truth is I don't have the time nor the resources. Sorry.
For someone with no time you sure write awfully long mails. Might be time
better spent doing actual stuff.

I type fast... ;-) But, yeah, you've got a point...

svarog386 is a good idea, but I would prefer to install the official
FreeDOS distro and than add software from something like deb-multimedia
in the Debian world. Again, the keyword is trust.
I'm sorry to insist... But that ain't gonna happen. I am willing to add
non-free packages (that you would contribute) to Svarog386. I can also
provide you with pointers about how to create your own repository. I
don't think you'll get any better options here.

Like I said, ain't gonna happen either. The two reasons are 1) time and 2) my internet connection is way too slow - it could hold only a local repo. Sorry.
But maybe I will add packages to svarog386 then. Let's see.

If someone was to (...) People would (...) someone would look if (...)
We're not living in wonderland, sorry. If you don't do stuff that you'd
like to see happen yourself, then it's unlikely "someone" will do it for
you. That being said, Svarog386 is already out there, has multiple
repositories and awaits only for package contributions. Note that
Svarog386 repositories can just as well be used from within a vanilla
FreeDOS system.

In that case I'll try svarog386. I've had the impression it was a complete distribution. Thanks for clarifying.

OT: Do you think your package manager could be installed on DR DOS as
http://fdnpkg.sourceforge.net says:
"It is written by Mateusz Viste primarily for the FreeDOS™ project, but
can be used with other DOS systems as well."




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