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> You might list dos payfor software, a link to it, price ,
> and user rating. If people get paid there might be more
> activity in some types of sofware. I have a dos version
> of PIXEL, looks just like windows. My copy is crippled
> but I'd be happy to buy a full version if it every exists.
> Put some money into the pot and people might start
> writing high end stuff for dos which could make dos
> more popular.

People won't pay. Even phone apps typically bottom out at $1 or $2
because everyone expects them to be cheap or free. (Although most apps
aren't worth using anyways. Too buggy, too limited, not well-supported
on "older" devices.) And microtransactions (usually not necessary)
also pollute the pool. It's like the "bad old days" when every crappy
util was shareware. We don't want to return to that. People are lazy
and greedy. We don't want to shame those who gave away their work
freely either. They will feel miffed if we suddenly decide to endorse
a few developers. (And let's be honest, most of us aren't exactly rich
anyways. There's only so much we can spare, and the cost of living has
gone up tremendously in recent years. Greed kills.)

Besides, nobody has the skills (anymore). The experts who used to
program DOS have forgotten everything or "moved on" to more modern
systems, where they can be lazy and not worry about 8.3 or limited RAM
or small stack or similar restrictions.

It's easy to say "money fixes everything", but it doesn't. Even with
Free tools and Free OSes and working makefiles, even then they can't
be bothered to support DOS/DJGPP/etc. Money won't change that. (And
don't forget that "professional" developers demand dozens of dollars
*per hour*! So don't expect a fully-developed, brand-new compiler for

I'm not really trying to discourage anybody. You can *try*, but don't
get your hopes up! (And don't encourage bad behavior like you-know-who
driver dude, he's not worth one cent!).

(Money is just trash, and time is always limited. Sorry, I'm too
cynical, it just doesn't work. We don't need laborious restrictions,
even if we do gain one or two utils. Is it so hard for people to use
Free tools? Apparently hard enough!)

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