Hi Rugxulo

Thanks for the links, Vim history and massive amounts of good advice.

I like Pascal. I had a look at it again about a month ago. After Ada, pascal is pretty easy and since I want to move away from tasking/threading anyhow, Pascal is pretty much Ada without it.

However, I truly love COBOL and I love GnuCOBOL. It compiles to intermediate C and the runtime is small enough to understand even if you only program part time. I have altered it to suit by purposes. One patch I have now implements idle callbacks so the built-in ncurses does not block. I also love the build in types that make it a joy to interface with C.

I won't be consuming a lot of memory, at this point it's tough to say but a guess would be 10MB.

While I would like to write my own drivers for custom interface cards later, I will be perfectly fine for all of 2018 with just serial and parallel port access. I bet I can stay away from the "world of hurt" by staying a little high level.

and yes, FTP ought to work. I have also used a micro python web server to transfer files between Linux and Minix in the past. I used mtools years ago and that's a good idea worth looking into too.

If you need any help with Ada I have tons of books, I could potentially mail you one and the Ada Google group is quite helpful. The problem is why. It's an awesome language but tasking is hard to debug, if it's not needed and CPUs are so fast that probably most of the time there are easier ways to get the job done than resorting to threading/tasking.

Thanks again for all your awesome emails :)


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