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> Thanks, Liam.
> I was looking for the complicated one. :)

Please bottom-post on mailing lists.

In Gmail, as I am now, press Ctrl-A to select all, then trim and type
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I like Rufus and it's a handy tool around, but Ventoy is much quicker
and easier and far more versatile.


There's no point in using Rufus for non-Windows images. Balena Etcher
is just as easy, also free, does the job fine, and runs identically on
Windows, Linux and macOS.


(It's bloated, huge, because it's an Electron app: written in
Javascript and containing most of a copy of Chrome inside the app in
order to run the JS. A disk image writer can be done in hundreds of
kilobytes, but Etcher is hundreds of megabytes: 1000x as big.

But that is computing in 2023 for you. :-(

It's why I like DOS. ;-)

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