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> If I'm correct, Dosemu uses "virtual x86 mode" of 386 and later processors.
> But Dosemu of course needs "host OS".
> I wonder does there exist any utility that offers "virtual x86 mode" and
> acts as "host" by itself? Suppose we have (quite modest for today) computer
> with 386/486 and 4 MB RAM. Theoretically it should be possible to run quite
> comfortably four DOS "instances" each one having 1 MB just for itself -
> and,
> say, switching among them with <Alt>-<F-key> like among consoles in Linux.
> So concentrating on using DOS - because 486 is much too "weak" for Linux of
> today - I mean utility whose duty is just to switch CPU into "virtual x86
> mode", split RAM among established "instances" and then just share hardware
> resources (keyboard, CD-ROM, video, sound... everything) among them.

It has had many names (DOS386.EXE, WIN386.EXE), but we usually know it as
Hardware resource sharing is handled in individually loadable modules
called VxD's, that simulate that every DOS machine has the entire
(DOS/BIOS) resources for itself.

No idea - maybe it had been aleady created, just I didn't stumble upon it
> yet?
You have (Windows 9X is a privileged GUI that runs in VM0).

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