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> If I'm correct, Dosemu uses "virtual x86 mode" of 386 and later processors.
>  But Dosemu of course needs "host OS".

>  I wonder does there exist any utility that offers "virtual x86 mode" and
>  acts as "host" by itself? Suppose we have (quite modest for today) computer
>  with 386/486 and 4 MB RAM. Theoretically it should be possible to run quite
>  comfortably four DOS "instances" each one having 1 MB just for itself - and,
>  say, switching among them with <Alt>-<F-key> like among consoles in Linux.

>  So concentrating on using DOS - because 486 is much too "weak" for Linux of
>  today - I mean utility whose duty is just to switch CPU into "virtual x86
>  mode", split RAM among established "instances" and then just share hardware
>  resources (keyboard, CD-ROM, video, sound... everything) among them.

we have DeskView386 which does exactly what you describe.


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