There are still some issues. Some of them have been discussed over IRC:

On 4/25/2011 3:24 PM, Adam Young wrote:
11. Navigation error.
Open User Groups tab, click one of the groups. Under Member Users,
click one of the users. It will show an error dialog box (it has
some typos too).
Still a problem.
OK, got that one fixed in this version as well (version 5)

Still a problem. Open HBAC -> HBAC Rule, click one of the rules, an error dialog box will appear.

18. Kerberos Ticket Policy and Configuration tabs don't have page

These titles end with a colon.

20. The facet groups needs to be customizable. Currently it's stored
in unordered set in entity's facet_group and the order is hard-
coded in get_facet() and facet_tabs(). It would be difficult
to workaround this limitations in custom facets.

See how facets are stored in entity. The names are stored in an
ordered list (that.facets) and the instances are stored in a
dictionary (that.facets_by_name). Facet groups should use a similar
method to store the order and facet collections.

In get_facet() the default facet should be the first facet in the
first group. In facet_tabs() the tab_section should be created
according to the order they are stored.

Agreed, but we have this issue now, and so is not a regression. We'll
fix in a follow on patch.

This is actually a regression. Because of this the Host's and Service's Managed By is missing. We also want to be able to replace the facet group names in ACI because they don't quite make sense (e.g. Role being a member of Privilege) although that's how it's implemented internally.

21. The IPA.entity_header should be created in entity.init() instead of
in entity.setup() line 305. The entity.setup() only needs to store
the container in the entity.header. This also eliminates manual
creations in the qunit tests.

Long term, agreed, but init doesn't have the container, so under the
current approach, we can't put it there.

It can be done with a simple change. The following code in the IPA.entity_header can be moved into a create() method which takes a container parameter:

    that.header = $("<div class='entity-header'/>").

The IPA.entity_header should be created together with the entity. It doesn't need a container. Then the create() method can be called by IPA.entity_setup(). This way a custom entity can customize the entity_header.

It's also better to append the DOM object as soon as it's created instead of appending a complex object into the container. It helps troubleshooting.

22. When hovering above the facet tabs, the mouse changes into a text
    cursor instead of pointer.

23. Facet tab can change although the page is dirty.
    Open Users tab, click one of the users, this will open the Settings
    facet. Edit a field, then click another facet, the Dirty dialog box
    will appear. Close the dialog box, the tab doesn't change back to

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