On 06.07.2011 17:26, Rob Crittenden wrote:
I'm not sure adding even more complexity is helpful, especially when
it's used just to print a warning message. But I'd like a second opinion
on this.

I think it is time we start renaming ipautil.py to ipautil-rh.py and do
ourselves, or invite someone to write ipautil-debian.py, then have code
that loads the right module at runtime.

I believe that nss-pam-ldapd uses a different configuration file than
nss_ldap, I think I'd rather use the existence of that to determine what
is being used. Calling out to rpm seems heavy-weight.
Ok, I'll rework it.

Do we have other cases where it is *not* enough to have check on the configuration files rather than package itself? For example, for cases where we would enforce installation of a required package to satisfy dependencies (like it was discussed for PackageKit on #freeipa)?
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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