Hello fellow developers,

We have discussed for a while among us about how to improve patch
tracking for review purposes. Various method have been discussed for
quite some time now (including gerrit and review board) but for one
reason or another we haven't done much.

I have now set up a patchwork instance here:

Patchwork is a very lightweight system that doesn't take over our
current practices (although may require minor changes).

Most importantly it does not replace our mailing list with a new system
that pretends to take over the whole process.

With patchwork review happens on the mailing list as usual but the
server does automatic tracking of patches updating with comments sent to
the mailing list.

Feel free to get a login there, and start managing your own patches.
I will keep a look on the system and override patch status for those
that choose not to use it.

The server has just been installed and I am still configuring it.
If you have any issue please contact me privately or on this list so we
can try to address it.

I hope we will find the tool useful.

There is just one thing that patchwork does not handle well, and that is
multiple patches sent in the same mail as attachment.
See what happend here: https://patchwork.acksyn.org/patch/2 where I sent
three patches and only the last one was picked up by the system.

Patchwork[1] has been developed mostly in the kernel community and there
the rule is to send 1 patch per mail by using git send-mail.

I will switch to use git send-mail (and resend the above set as a test)
so that patchwork is happy, I hope you all can try to use it as well so
that we can try to use patchwork for all patches.
However I do not want to force people to use git send-mail.
If you are not going to use git send-mail however I would like to ask
you to not send more than one patch per mail message, and instead send
different patches in different messages.
Traditionally this is done by using a patchset header of [PATCH 0/5] and
then following one mail per patch [PATCH 1/5] and then PATCH[2/5]
etc ... the subject should stay the same for all patches in the same

If you have questions or proposal please let me know.

Also patchwork is python+django so if you have an itch and want to
scratch it then feel free to send patches to me as well as upstream so
we can improve the tool.


Simo Sorce * Red Hat, Inc * New York

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