On 10/23/2012 03:53 PM, John Dennis wrote:
> On 10/23/2012 09:00 AM, Simo Sorce wrote:
>> I strongly suggest you use git-send-email instead of thunderbird, it
>> makes everything a lot faster, see the instructions I sent in my
>> followup email.
> I wrote a python script to manage my patch submissions a while ago which might
> be useful to folks, it's attached.
> The basic idea is you keep a directory of your patch submissions. Inside the
> directory is also a file that has then next number to use for your submission.
> By default it runs git format-patch selecting the last commit. It creates a
> patch file using the patch submission format defined for IPA. If you use the 
> -s
> option it also sends it to the list. It doesn't use git-send-email, rather it
> builds an email with a mime attachment according to our IPA recommendations. I
> don't recall why I didn't use git-send-email, but there was some reason
> (probably because I couldn't get it follow the IPA conventions, not sure 
> though).
> If you have to rework a patch use the -n option to specify which patch you're
> modifying. The script automatically searches the patch directory and finds the
> next revision number for the patch.
> The config dict at the top will have to be modified to match your username,
> smtp server, etc. look for anything in UPPERCASE and replace with your 
> specifics.
> I like to use it because I don't have to remember my patch numbers and the
> result will always follow the IPA conventions without any fumbling around.
> Petr3 will probably complain about using getopt and a config dict instead of
> optparse but it works and it wasn't worth it to me to port it to a different
> mechanism. Anybody which wants to is more than welcome.

Hmm, yeah, I have similar script of my own, except I implemented a support for
sending a bulk of patches at once.

I think I am just too conservative, but I am perfectly comfortable with my
home-grown scripts which detect the next number(s) of sent patch, prepares me
an e-mail with attachments I can further amend and the script also attaches the
patch to Trac ticket.

I think someone other already pointed it out, but numbering patches also make
it easy both referring to them during discussions on IRC.


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