Rob Crittenden wrote:
Simo Sorce wrote:
From: Simo Sorce <>

We check (possibly different) data from LDAP only at (re)start.
This way we always shutdown exactly the services we started even if
the list
changed in the meanwhile (we avoid leaving a service running even if
it was
removed from LDAP as the admin decided it should not be started in

This should also fix a problematic deadlock with systemd when we try
to read
the list of service from LDAP at shutdown.

This fixes things for me but ipactl start isn't working reliably and
I've yet to determine if it is related or not (I'm thinking not).

What I see is that it considers pki-tomcatd to not have started. What is
happening is the request to the getStatus URI is timing out and that
exception is being considered a "didn't start."

I modified the code to treat a timeout as a 503 and it is still failing
because the timeout is so longer that it eats up all our normal timeout
for waiting for the service at all.

I don't see a way to pass a timeout to the http request method, I'll
keep looking.

I'm testing in F-18 btw.

I can't reproduce the startup issues this morning, I still don't think they are related to this patch, so ACK.

pushed all 3 to master and ipa-3-0


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