On 01/30/2013 09:41 AM, Petr Viktorin wrote:
> On 01/30/2013 03:28 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
>> Petr Viktorin wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I've noticed that the client installer uses python-ldap directly, and
>>> duplicates some code we already have.
>>> Most recently, a convert_ldap_error function appeared in ipautil.
>>> Similar mechanisms are already in ipaldap, ipa-csreplica-manage,
>>> ipa-replica-manage, and my patches remove one in ldap2.
>>> Are there any objections to moving ipaldap.py to ipalib?
>> ipaldap.py is going away eventually, right?
> No, the common code is in ipaldap.py.
> ldap2.py only has the ldap2 class, which is a CRUDBackend, manages the
> magic per-thread connections, and has some extra helpers that can
> assume IPA is installed.
>> It is probably better suited for ipapython if we move it though.
> Sure, makes no difference to me :)
> To be honest though, I never got the difference between ipalib and
> ipapython. Could you explain it for me?

Though I am all for the consolidation and no duplication please do not
forget that LDAP connection from the install script is someone
different. I remember there was a discussion somewhere about that. Just
keep in mind that there are some special cases that might be lost during
consolidation that would cause regressions so please be careful.

Thank you,
Dmitri Pal

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