After reading the extending freeipa training document I was able
successfully add  us to meet attributes and add/modify them using the cli
which was pretty cool. Now that I got the cli out of the way I want to add
the fields to the ui. Because of the similarities between what I want to do
and the example given in the docs I just followed along and changed
variables where it made sense to do so. I cannot however get the new field
to show up.  The Apache logs don't show any errors but they do show the
plugin being read as the page (user details) is loaded. After searching
around I found a document which attempts to explain the process but it
assumes some knowledge held by the reader which I don't possess.

It looks like I  supposed to create some sort of index loader which loads
all of the modules which are part of the plugin. I can't seem to find any
good documents telling the whole process or least non that I can make sense

It would help also to understand how to debug such a thing.

I  running version 3.3 on rhel 7. Any help or pointers to more
documentation would be greatly appreciated.
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