Hello all,

Right now, the people pushing patches to FreeIPA use Petr's great "ipatool"
that is part of Petr's (CCed) ipa-tools repo forked from my old "ipa-tools"

Recently, we have found that "ipatool" needs update due to 4.2 being released,
so I think this is a great moment to make this tool more official and use a
shared team repository so that people on the team can contribute and freely
improve it.

As we have our shiny organization on github, I simply created new
"freeipa-tools" repo and with Petr's permission, moved "ipa-tools" content 


If there are no objections, I would use that as the authoritative version of
the tools repo for the team.

FreeIPA developers, please feel free to request access to
if you want to commit to this repo.

If there are concerns or comments to this idea, please let me know and we can

Martin Kosek <mko...@redhat.com>
Supervisor, Software Engineering - Identity Management Team
Red Hat Inc.

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