On Tue, 2015-08-25 at 11:34 +0200, Jan Cholasta wrote:
> On 25.8.2015 11:25, Jan Cholasta wrote:
> > On 24.8.2015 19:51, Simo Sorce wrote:
> >> Why do we have cainstance.py and ca.py and krainstance.py and kra.py in
> >> ipaserver/install when you always need both files to do anything around
> >> installation of the ca ?
> >>
> >> Is there a motivation ?
> >> Or can I simply provide a patch to remove the ca.py and kra.py files an
> >> unify all code in the proper *instance.py file ?
> >
> > ca.py and kra.py are the proper files ready to be migrated to the new
> > install framework, cainstance.py and krainstance.py will be removed.
> ... once the migration is done. (Hit send button too fast.)
> The motivation is that *instance.py do not provide a uniform interface, 
> have a lot of redundant and duplicate stuff and are generally unfit for 
> any further extension.

I have been changing only the instance files, so we are going in
different directions.

I do not really care what file we are going into, but there is a lot of
code in the installer now that does not tell the user a step is being
done, while instances do that through the step interface.

The step interface is also a very good way to let someone that read the
code see what is going on and follow each step.

Are you proposing to stop going through the instances steps ? I found
the current way kra and ca installation is setup basically a regression,
it took me a *lot* longer that it should be needed to follow through all
the steps that are really taken.


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