On (24/06/16 21:09), Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
>On Fri, 24 Jun 2016, Lukas Slebodnik wrote:
>> > > > > ah sorry, since 1.14.0 is not release yet we use 1.13.9x to track the
>> > > > > alpha and beta releases and still have incrementing version numbers. 
>> > > > > So,
>> > > > > it might be better to use '>= 1.13.90' in the spec file instead of
>> > > > > '1.14.0'.
>> > > > +1, At this point '>= 1.13.90' should be safe.
>> > > -1
>> > > I vote for official release.
>> > > I cannot see a reason why this patch should be pushed immediately.
>> > > 1.13.90 is just a sssd convention for alpha release and it can be 
>> > > confusing for
>> > > others whyt there isn't tarball for 1.13.90
>> > It would allow git master to be built against sssd git master without
>> > additional problems. It is consistency here that I'm after.
>> > 
>> It allows it even now and without this patch.
>> I'm sorry I miss a logic here.
That's not true.

You wrote: "It would allow git master to be built"
against sssd git master"
One more time. This patch will not change that
because you can build freeipa git master
against "sssd git master" even now.

It's not my problem that freeipa requires git master of other project.
But it does not mean that you need to officialy requires
some weird version "1.13.90". It is really confusing.

>it does not prevent you from running with the code that does not
>have needed support. 1.13.4 has no extdom certificate request support
>so you would need to make sure you are actually installing the correct
>SSSD packages manually while changing the version to 1.13.90 would make
>clear we demand a specific functionality.
Building freeipa and installing are two different things.
If you need to install freeipa git master then you need to use
extra copr anyway because:
A) you cannot install freeipa master in rawhide because there isn't
b) you cannot install freeipa master on fedora 24 due lots of missing
   dependencies (including libsss_nss_idmap-1.14.0)

If one would like to install freeipa git master rpms without copr
then he/she will not able to do it on fedora 24 without new libsss_nss_idmap
because dnf will not be able to find dependency

>It is a very small thing, of
>course, but helpful to those who have to deal with rebases/updates of
>their distribution packages and have not been following freeipa-devel@
>list in detail. At the very least the inability to find 1.13.90 in a
>regular place would cause question being asked.
It's helpful but confusing. That's the reason why we should avoid using
1.13.90. I doubt that anyone will try to use alpha version of sssd or freeipa
on other distributions (debian, ubuntu) especially if they do not work reliably
on fedora. So there's no reason for a rush.


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