Hi List,

we discussed locally a proposal about creating a feature branch for each
sub-team effort in our main git. Currently it would be for the 4 ongoing
refactoring efforts + Simo's work

It will allow each developer to create a pull request against the
feature branch and thus it will enable iterative development by multiple
devs without affecting other sub-teams. When the feature(refactoring) is
finished, the branch would be rebased on master and merged there. Note:
rebases can be done as needed - e.g. when other subteam finishes its work.

1. Upstream git repo would be full of such branches.
- This can be mitigated by deleting the feature branches when their are
released or merged(up to discussion)

2. Too big traffic on a list.
- IMO we actually want it - progress will be visible to others

I propose:

Thoughts? Anyone against?
Petr Vobornik

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