On ti, 11 loka 2016, Petr Vobornik wrote:
Hi List,

we discussed locally a proposal about creating a feature branch for each
sub-team effort in our main git. Currently it would be for the 4 ongoing
refactoring efforts + Simo's work

It will allow each developer to create a pull request against the
feature branch and thus it will enable iterative development by multiple
devs without affecting other sub-teams. When the feature(refactoring) is
finished, the branch would be rebased on master and merged there. Note:
rebases can be done as needed - e.g. when other subteam finishes its work.

1. Upstream git repo would be full of such branches.
- This can be mitigated by deleting the feature branches when their are
released or merged(up to discussion)
Don't put them in the upstream git repo. Let people decide where they
want to have them -- all Fedora contributors have access to
fedorapeople.org git hosting and there is github one button click
('Clone') away from the github mirror.

It is not a problem to keep a separate git branch published this way.

May be I misunderstand you -- if you just want people to propose merge
requests on github with pre-defined names, then that's just fine.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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