URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/182
Title: #182: Use env var IPA_CONFDIR to get confdir for 'cli' context

jcholast commented:
@tiran, setting `confdir` explicitly is not a hack, but the proper way to set 
the config directory path and there is nothing that makes the environment 
variable better as an API for integrators. I would argue that it's actually 
worse, because it is implicit and optimized towards the less common usage 
(everyone who wants to use the default path has to unset the variable now to 
make sure that's what they actually get), and while some software does indeed 
allow changing configuration using environment variables, there is other 
software (such as GNU grep) which is actually deprecating this way of changing 

If majority of people think it is a good idea, I won't push back, but NACK on 
respecting the variable only in certain contexts.

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