URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/182
Title: #182: Use env var IPA_CONFDIR to get confdir for 'cli' context

tiran commented:
No, env vars are **the** standard way to change the behavior of a program for a 
local session. They are used all over the place: MIT KRB5 as KRB5_CONFIG, 
Python has PYTHONHOME and more, OpenSSL has SSL_CERT_FILE/DIR, Freedesktop has 

I could bring up the same argument against your proposal to use a shell alias. 
Shell aliases are even worse because they work only in shells and not for 
```execve()``` calls. Env vars are common to change the environment of a 
program (hence the name) while shell aliases are a hack.

It is not only a good idea, it's required to make integration of FreeIPA's 
client libraries in 3rd party applications feasible.

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