URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/271
Title: #271: Remove hard dependency on ipaplatform from ipapython, ipalib and 

tiran commented:
@jcholast I prefer small patches, that change just one aspect and are easily 
reviewable in a couple of minutes. The PR touches the entire code base. With 
600 additions, more than 700 removals and 316 QC high-severity issues, it is 
going to take a week to merge it. Merge conflicts are already cumulating, too.

You have already split up your PR in a bunch of commits. It looks like most to 
all commits are unrelated and don't depend on each other. Basically your PR is 
an epic with a bunch of independent improvements. How about use the iterative 
approach and create a PR for each commit?

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