URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/271
Title: #271: Remove hard dependency on ipaplatform from ipapython, ipalib and 

stlaz commented:
@jcholast Thanks, I'll add it as a comment to that ticket so that it's more 
visible to a potential community :) + LGTM
@tiran I already did the review, the conflicts are very easily resolvable 
(ntpconf was moved, two functions are moved from ipa_replica_prepare.) I can 
see where you're heading and I guess it'd be better to split the PR for the 
future, although I prefer 1 PR for 1 ticket if that is doable and it is in this 
case. Can you please rather check if it matches your use-case and bless this PR 
with functional ACK so that we can get it pushed?


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