URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/542
Title: #542: Implementation independent interface for CSR generation

LiptonB commented:
Thanks for the feedback. I will put together a new version using CFFI and the 
`openssl req` format for subject names.

Regarding helpers, this code has all CSR generation go through the 
`CertificationRequestInfo`-based flow, so the other helpers can't actually be 
accessed. Maybe we should remove the helper/formatter abstraction entirely, and 
have the new format (raw openssl config) be the only jinja template available. 
This makes things simpler but will remove all support for NSS databases until 
we add it to the new flow. What do you think? (An alternative would be to 
remove only the `openssl` helper, and add a `CertificationRequestInfoFormatter` 
in its place).

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