URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/542
Title: #542: Implementation independent interface for CSR generation

LiptonB commented:
Regarding this comment from @MartinBasti in #590:

> > For the record, #542 removes the helper parameter of cert-get-requestdata, 
> > and will be modified to remove the concept of different helpers entirely, 
> > though I haven't had a chance to make that change yet.
> today is 4.5 release so you have to keep some level of backward compatibility 
> in that PR

What level of backward compatibility is required? Is it not ok to remove 
helpers? I thought the purpose of making `cert-get-requestdata` an internal, 
client-side API was that it would be ok to change the parameters as we figured 
out how it should work.

See the full comment at 
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