Dear FreeIPA community,

My PL wants to migrate a directory server(storing employees info and Linux
user accounts) from 389-ds(1.1.x) to FreeIPA(1.2.2). I backed up from the
command line using the *db2bak* command-line script. I got two LDIF files
and two folders(userRoot and NetscapeRoot) which contains many db4 files.

After reading the FreeIPA Administrator Guide, I realized there is no *
db2bak* or *bak2db* commands for FreeIPA users. So I copy those LDIF files
and folders to /var/lib/dirsrv/<ds instance> directly. Then I run *service
dirsvr restart*, the dirsvr instance cannot start anymore. The instance
names of 389-ds and FreeIPA are different.

How can I finish this hard job? Have anybody ever migrated successfully? I
need your help..

Best Regards,
Michael Kang(康上明学)
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