Dnia 2009-11-03, wto o godzinie 15:16 +0100, Rob Crittenden pisze:
> Jesster Leight wrote:
> > How i can find my default Administration URL for 389 DS ? I can't use 
> > 389-console from this problem ;(
> That is correct. IPA does not install or configure the admin server or 
> console for 389 DS. This is on purpose because user/group management in 
> the console is not necessarily compatible with IPA and can cause large 
> headaches. It should be possible, if one is very careful, to manage IPA 
> users via the console but we do not support it.
> Is there some capability you need that only the console provides?

I'll take a chance to ask similar question here (sorry for hijacking
thread ;)

I need some system users (e.g for configuring LDAPbind for apache
authentication), and I'd like them to be under say CN=sysaccounts,CN=etc
Is there any way to do this simply?
The thing is I don't want to be subject of IPA password policy.

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