On Fri, Feb 05, 2010 at 04:03:05PM -0000, Andy Singleton wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> Ok ive switched on the compat plugin.
> Incidentally, does this need to be done separately for all replicas?

I believe so.  The set of plugins which are configured is configured on
each server.

> However, when I run ldapclient init <ipa_server>, I get this message:
> "Failed to find defaultSearchBase for domain"

Does the client have its domain set to match the name of the IPA domain
before you run 'ldapclient init'?  The ldapclient command will look for
the profile information using the client's domain name as a starting

I believe this is done with the 'domainname' command, though I'm not
sure of the name the configuration file which you'd need to edit to make
that setting permanent.



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