Greetings all: I'm thinking I just have to bounce something (or maybe it's been long enough that I'm running the command wrong, but I don't think so). Note that I show the error when not authenticated, and that I can authenticate without error:
[r...@sandbox1 ~]# ipa-finduser admin
Could not initialize GSSAPI: Unspecified GSS failure. Minor code may provide more information/Ticket expired
[r...@sandbox1 ~]# kinit admin -k -t krb5.keytab
[r...@sandbox1 ~]# ipa-finduser admin
Unable to connect to IPA server: File Not Found

I assume that the "File Not Found" is simply a poor error message. Any insight into what I need to do to fix this? I tried bouncing [ns-]ldap/dirsrv just in case that was the source of our problem. NOTE: We also use coda, and it has no difficulty authenticating to [IPA] kerberos (though we are having an odd UID issue with non-admin users which prompted the attempt to run some ipa-finduser queries).

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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