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> > Uhmmm this may be a side effect of your directory not having
> > memberof I think we need to add special code to handle servers that
> > use rfc2307bis schema but that do not use memberof.
> >
> >   
> Are we sure that this is the case?
> Is there any chance we can get a schema file that shows what is the
> schema used on the server?
> May be it is one of the early drafts of the rfc2307bis that is
> implemented in the server?
> I think the ldapsearch results listing any one user and a group he is
> a member in your server of will be very helpful.

memberof is not required by rfc2307bis. Actually it is not even
mentioned by rfc2307bis, so it is our fault if we depend on it.

rfc2307bis actually mentions only uniquemember.


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