Brian LaMere wrote:
Let me start by saying I work at a software development co; I "get it" -
so this isn't a harsh at all.  However, the latest docs I could find ( ) seem
a bit outdated already.
For example, this section:

Procedure 3.1. To install the IPA server interactively:

Run the following command:

    *   ipa-server-install
          o Enter the server's host name, realm name and other details
            when prompted. When installing the master IPA server, the
            start values for the UID and GID ranges are automatically
            set to a random value between 1,000,000 and (2^31 -
            1,000,000). You can pass
            the --uidstart and --gidstart options to
            the ipa-server-installcommand to specify different starting
            values if desired.


At this point, uidstart and gidstart don't appear to be valid flags to
ipa-server-install; this is unfortunate, because I'd really rather not
start at a number that high (while not my personal reason for wanting a
smaller number, older machines won't accept uid's that large...some
won't accept UIDs higher than 65535, in fact).

What version of IPA are you looking at? I have both options in mine. Note that if you want to use magic-private groups only set uidstart. We made this configurable for those installations that may have limited UIDs.

That document also references that it requires "Fedora 9 or 10" - while
we're now pushing on rawhide at 14, and describes nscd while the
default/suggested cache provider in current versions is sssd, etc.  Is
there anything a bit more current?

Not yet. We have an open ticket to update this but haven't had a chance to yet. Our trac instance is at

Is there a wiki documentation project (none shows in a couple minutes of
google searching)?  If there's nothing more current, I'd be happy to
update whatever is where ever while I'm going through it myself.

We had the documentation in the wiki originally but it was incredibly difficult to keep that and our docbook-based documentation in sync so we dropped the wiki version. The git repo for the documentation is at



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