Rob Crittenden wrote:
> Steven Jones wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is it possible to install a ipafree v2 client on RHELu5 64bit?
>> I cannot find anything via Google that indicates this is so or how to
>> do it.
>> If so what's the repo config pls?
>> If not will the ver1 of freeipa work and if so what is the repo?
>> The client documentation simply says its possible....yet nothing on
>> google indicates how or if this is actually the case...
You might want to consider using SSSD and configure it with IPA. It is
available from EPEL. We are actively working on making SSSD and
corresponding ipa-client component to become available in RHEL 5.x and
6.x versions. But SSSD from EPEL is the solution to use at the moment.

If you are talking about the client administrative CLI for IPA v2 there
is currently no support for RHEL versions. That will become available later.

> There is not currently a v2 client for RHEL 5 (or anything other than
> Fedora, really).
> You might find a v1 client for RHEL 5 in a centos repo, or you can
> pull the rheipa srpms from to build a v1.x client.
> Another user recently confirmed that a v1 client works with a v2
> server but it will configure nss_ldap/pam_ldap and not sssd. You also
> don't get automatic host enrollment like you do with a v2 client. The
> current authconfig that ships with RHEL 5 doesn't support sssd at all
> though manually configuring it isn't terribly difficult.
> Beware when it comes to the current v2 documentation, it is in a
> dangerous quasi-state right now. Much of it has been copied from v1
> and it is being slowly updated but it is far from complete right now.
> rob
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